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Thesis Writing

Writing a Doctoral, Post Doctoral and Under Doctoral Thesis/Dissertation is an intimidating task, which many research scholars DON’T REALLY LIKE DOING. I would like to award 9 Points on the scale of 10 to the Thesis/Dissertation and Précis writers, who are in the active service. Thesis/Dissertation or Précis- either of these forms of extensively research based writings take the JUICE out, and in most of the cases, leaves the WRITER/RESEARCH SCHOLAR sweating.

I have often guessed why research scholars who have spent 3 or 4 or 5 years on the subject study, find it difficult when it comes to writing a Thesis/Dissertation? What causes the difficulty? Here are the few reasons why scholars in the helm of their research don’t find it easy and comfortable to present reliable thesis/dissertation to their department:

  • It is difficult to express the logic and concepts, especially, if the scholar is not the native user of English language;
  • the expression is thwarted;
  • research scholars find it extremely difficult to ratiocinate and engage in lateral thinking, particularly in context of writing the thesis/dissertation;
  • the time frame available for submitting thesis is less;
  • writing elaborate research accounts on a subject and simultaneously engaging into analysis becomes challenging.

Each country, and every university follows its rigid conventions and therefore writing the thesis/dissertation and précis becomes all the more difficult task. Few countries ask research scholars to publish sequels of research based articles as well as reviews in the peer-reviewed journals, followed by an introduction to give it a form of concise and elaborate thesis.

In most cases, the research supervisor and guide might even read each word of the thesis/dissertation, before sending it for approval. Therefore, in a whole and sole way, presenting a well researched thesis/dissertation can become cumbersome and takes whole lot of sweat. The unlucky part is that there are no HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE available to help in thesis/dissertation. Moreover, even if someone use those automated tools for writing thesis, and logical points are not driven, the FEEL WILL BE MISSING OUT.

Englishandliterature.com is single and credible resource for the research thesis/dissertation. We have specially trained and highly qualified team of thesis/dissertation and précis writers, who will not just add value to your research, but also work hard to ensure successful conclusion.

Why Thesis Writing from Englishandliterature.com

  • We are well aware of international style guide sheets like Blue Book, APA, Associated Press and Chicago Manual;
  • Our thesis writers are well balanced and organized to create logically flowing conclusion;
  •  We adhere to your strict timelines;
  • One to One interaction with the research scholar;
  • Multiple editing and alterations;
  • Concentrate on the subject of study;
  • Extensive study on the subject;
  • Corroborate the ideas and facts and bring out logical stand;
  • Proofreading for typos;
  • Logically written Hypothesis;
  • Effective conclusion and Synopsis.

We create your thesis/dissertation in the format you need. Our process of writing the thesis/dissertation is simple, safe and logical. We are not using any automated tools. Writing thesis/dissertation or précis at Englishandliterature.com is a pure human way. Our thesis has made research scholars apply for international study programs, and even in the post doctoral areas. We follow the strict international guidelines designed for the thesis/dissertation writing.