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Short Stories Writing

Short stories are the short format Novellas, and typically the work of fiction.  These stories are based on varied topics, often interesting to the children and everyone around, who has an interest in reading.  The typical story formats have emerged out from oral storytelling traditions of the 17th century. In over the years, typical short story books have grown overwhelmingly with variety in characterization, form and the content.

Short stories can be created around different themes such as the Moral Themes, Adventure Themes, Travelogs etc. Each time a short story is created, work on several levels has to be done by the writer.

The short story, for many years, is considered as one of the refined forms taken by apprentices before they indulge themselves in lengthy artworks or anything, which is highly creative. In many ways, the short story writers would like to define their works as an integral means of artistic and personal expression. In several of the cases, the short story writers also make a good attempt to become flexible on the categorization and the formation.

Taking the closer view here, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have given out specific guidelines of the short story length in the Nebula Awards for science fiction as less than 7,500 words. Short stories are quick to read and these are equally interesting, provided the writer has an insight on theme and the concept. Short stories come with quick introduction and quick conclusion. There is an abrupt end, and which has the genuine reasoning too.

There are different ways and attitudes to define the short stories. But the most scintillating and logically sounding factor is characteristically defined in   Edgar Allan Poe’s typical essay “Thomas Le Moineau (Le Moile)” (1846).

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