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Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing is directed at making the announcement on release of any product or service. A perfect Press Release is always written in journalistic parlance, and which puts everything straight – “PRESS RELEASE SHOULD FOLLOW STANDARDS OF STYLE SHEETS LIKE APA, CHICAGO MANUAL STYLE SHEET, OR ASSOCIATED PRESS.”

“The Writer Should Not Create Any Faux about any event, because this will keep the audience in great disbelief, and as the result of which, the ultimate purpose of writing fails on the floor.” The Press Release written should have strong correlation and element of belief. In fact, the belief system should be indelible to the extent that it doesn’t give feeling to the reader of something which is NON-EXISTING or has doubtful existence.”

Englishandliterature.com and the Press Release

We are not going to teach you:

What is Press Release?

How you are going to Make One?

Our purpose is to provide you with a Press Release, which has a logical format, and more significantly provides the effective statement of product launch or announcement of new service. Our purpose is not to sermonize you on the Press Release formats. But, we definitely like to make you clear:

  • What is the URGENT NEED of your business?
  • How you are going to have a perfectly written Press Release?

The Press Release you get from a content writing agency or any freelance writer should not be a MERE STORY cooked out of NOTHING. It should have REALITY and SIGNIFICANT NEWS VALUE.

We have seen several times that Press Releases written by many new born and new age writers do not make any announcements. The language used is derogatory and out of sense. More than a Press Release, it seems like somebody is writing an Article or a Blog. These days writers are involved in the GUESS WORK, and they are paid good $$$ for this GUESSING.

We have made it clear what type of Press Release your business needs?

And now, how you are going to get it?

Englishandliterature.com has written over 50,000 Press Releases for more than 7000 web based businesses. We have in-depth understanding of WHAT A PRESS RELESE SHOULD LOOK LIKE? You get the document, which is appropriate for your business, and without and Abstract Statements. At Englishandliterature.com, we work hard and smart to write the Press Release with journalistic parlance. The flow of Press Release is logical, and your target audience feels that it is REALLY READING AN ANNOUNCEMENT and NOT WASTING precious TIME ON READING MEANINGLESS CONTENT.

We do not sound like a NARRATIVE in the Press Release. We present the background information concerning your announcement in short, crisp, systematic and logical way. We keep the best and the relevant parts in place and synch them through logical threading.

After explaining the details and logic behind creation of Press Release, we focus on the “HEADING.” It is the SOUL of Press Release. It is the starting point of THE LOGIC. Readers become interested in PRESS RELEASE only of the HEADING makes the logic.

Start thinking Now FOR your NEXT ANNOUNCEMENT without being vacillated. Plan a PRESS RELEASE, and NO EXAGGERATION OF ANY KIND, if you want to give it a reasonably sensible and liking effect.