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Phonetics Training

Phonetics is the science of speaking clearly using the accent, and keeping in view the recognition and production of sounds. The language that we speak or the sentences that are uttered by us, follow certain protocols. Practical training in phonetics surrounds two key aspects: Production of The Sounds and Recognition of those Sounds, which is the Ear Training.

Phonetics stretches on the voice and the sound quality. The stress is put in the manner such that utterances are made only in the unique way keeping in view the sounds. The phonetician, who is the specialist in his or her trade will pronounce the cardinal vowels with flawless precision (baring the scope of making any human errors), and after achieving the goal, efforts are made on technical aspects of reproducing the sound in a clear and crisp manner.

The quality of sound produced will help in giving a natural feel to speaker, such that the language flow is streamlined and the utterances produced do not have any mother tongue influence. The basis of practical phonetic training is a highly structured framework, which seems to be independent of any particular language or its utterances. The training focuses on all aspects of human knowledge and its sounds.

Phonetics Training from Experts

Englishandliterature.com is working towards the cause of English Training as well as learning. We have a unique set of phonetics training sessions organized for the corporate as well as personalized sessions. We have one on one session on the voice and accent training. We also engage in the small groups to help people speak English language appropriately and with proper pauses.

The outcome of training is measured through the traditional dictation methods. It helps us to make the right assessment of one’s speaking power and recognition of sounds and their referents. We have exclusive and state of the art training provided to variety of individuals. Our purpose is to provide training to the individuals, who are working in challenging corporate environments. We keep the focus on variety of aspects, including framing of personality. At Englishandliterature.com, we are innovating on the phonetics, and this includes providing the cardinal vowels and consonants in line with IPA chart, individually as well as combining together the words, and often such words are “nonsense words”. Besides, we also engage into an individual oral examination for an effective production of vowels and consonants.

The Uniqueness in Training

Englishandliterature.com is the place of learning, getting educated and transforming oneself into a refined individual, and all of it by using the practical aspects of English language. We make use of phonetics and voice training. We are helping the people to produce and recognize the sounds of English as the foreign language, and help them to communicate exactly in the manner communicated by the native person.

We do not provide any international certifications in Phonetics of English Language. We are purely concerned on the language and its training aspects in general. Our concepts are not the one’s designed by us, but have been the basis of English language for several hundred years.