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Paper Magazine Writing

Remarkable difference exists between writing for the web and writing for the print media. One of the many differences is in the presentation and the style of writing that is going to come in the paper magazine. Unlike the loosely syntaxed language used on the web, the language and form of content used for the paper is formalistic in nature. The purpose of this type of writing is to neutralize the style, and give smooth and easy reading experience to the end reader.

Copies written for magazines use different set of phraseologies, and English language. The choice of words is also subtle and delicate. Moreover, the entire tone of language used has remarkable uniqueness, which synchronizes with reader’s psyche.

Englishandliterature.com is the blended content solution company offering text writing, content solutions and  above all; engage itself in branding through our exclusive writing methodologies. We have the team of paper magazine writers, who are pressed into service on the short notice. We have contracted with several online and offline magazine agencies have penchant towards providing the content for the newspapers and the magazines.

Our magazine publication support is engineered on the concepts of publishing, content management and the end publishing as well. We have several smart and pro content methodologies at place, and include: Pre-Submission Peer Review, Word Count Reduction, Revised/Rejected Paper Editing, Submission Support, Proofreading and Formatting, Writing for Cover Letters, Artwork Editing, Manuscript Submissions and many more.

Once the content is drafted, it is reviewed by expert and most senior editors. The editors will spend their time in making the follow up revisions. We assure our clients with at least THREE rounds of REWRITING procedures of your manuscript and phrasing, before setting the final print.

Englishandliterature.com has team of dedicated content specialist who are writing for English journals and supplying content feeds to the magazines, which are published regularly on weekly and fortnightly basis. The writers have forte in creating, organizing and distributing the content for magazines. Apart from the tourism industry, we also keep the focus on several other segments and industries such as engineering, computing and analysis, fiction, and many more.

We have tailor-made our services to match the business requirements of our clients. Our experts can help you in understanding our ways of publishing and the content strategy applied during the publishing.  Writing the content for magazines and other major publication formats, requires analysis not only in terms of the subject, but also the graphic elements. We make use of the graphic elements to ensure better meaning and responsiveness on every page.

The authors writing for magazines provide comprehensive professional assistance, which is necessary to keep content elements in perfect alignment. Importance is also given to check the final copy for typos, before it makes the final entry straight to the print desk.

In these few years, we have given our clients the best of the content and earned great value and respect.  We have built up sustainable relationships with them. At Englishandliterature.com, we have the mastered the art of writing the content in interesting and dramatic manner, with an element of realism in it.