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Novella Writing

The Novella is a fictional creation, more of narrative prose, instead of being the short story, from which it is quite lengthier. “Novella” is the English word derived from the Italian word “Novella,” feminine form of “Novello,” which relates to “NEWNESS.”

The novella is a widespread and quite a frequent literary genre pre-dominating the scene in many of the European languages. The development of Novella as Literary Genre, began to developing in the near the beginning of Italian and French literature Renaissance by Giovanni Boccaccio, author of The Decameron (written in the year 1353).

The Decameron appeared as fascinating count of one hundred tales (novellas), put forth by a group of ten travelers (seven women and three men), who were escaping the aftermath of Black Death by escaping from Florence to the Fiesole hills, in 1348.

Novella unlike the Novel will move on a single plot structure. There are no multiple viewpoints and moreover lack the generic adaptability. The flow of character and story in general, is unidirectional. There is no branching in it.

Few of the popular novella creators in English Language include John W. Campbell, Who Goes There? Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad, The Secret Sharer, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and many more.

Novella Writing Services from Englishandliterature.com

Englishandliterature.com is text creation and content solution provider, with expertise in creating dramas, short stories, novellas and off beat creative literature in the English Language. We have been doing it for the years for our clients from the Denmark, the US and the UK. Creating a novella, which is interesting to read and aspiring for target audience, requires full-fledged and strong control on the language, and the Novella writers manage the things exactly in the same way.  On several accounts, we deploy innovative histrionics and various theatrical devices of English language.

Human behaviours such as solitude, instant reactions, dominance, and the deadly sins like Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness, Wrath, Envy and the Pride are exemplified beautifully in the plot of the novellas, ghost written for the clients. We keep the balance intact, and there is also the uniformity in tone maintained throughout the plot.

How we are Different?

We have created novellas for our clients in the past. We are creating and re-creating them again and again on biannual basis. Englishandliterature.com and the creative ghost playwrights working with us are well read and have good intellect on areas such as social sciences, human and animal psychology, and subjects like philosophy.

Novella writing services from Englishandliterature.com come with:

  • Professional Astuteness;
  • Analysis and Symmetrical Development of Characters;
  • Character Analysis and Differentiation;
  • Behavioural Analysis and Smooth Movement of Plot;
  • Dialog and Monolog Development;
  • Playing and Interplaying of Emotions;
  • Development of Climax.

At Englishandliterature.com, we are busy in creating the new frontiers and paradigms in English and Literature, and we are doing it seriously well and with thorough commitment. Literature as a whole and the products such as novella are based on inexplicable theories, which needs constant analysis. The problem: There is no technology or metrics device available to measure the outcome, and our novella creators are proud to sale, overcoming the challenges and the problems associated therein.