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Novel Writing

Writing a novel, irrespective of its genre and style requires control over the language and the form. You need to define the plot, and the language should be expressive. The target reading audience will like your piece of creativity and plot, only if you try to do it with all the sophistication. The irony is that not many writers in the creative market are showing their outstanding creativity, or put in another way, not many of them have the high levels of creative par excellence. Knowing a language is not enough to make your NOVEL A PERFECT HIT. Your novel should have symphony and symmetry. Characters and the plot should be perfect; more significantly, balance has to come up all through the story.

In short, Novel is not like any book writing. It has dialogs, characterization, plot and sub plots too. Your role as the writer has to be diversified in nature. You cannot afford to ignore any single aspect for sake of the other. Objectivity as well as the harmony on theatrical devices should be perfectly balanced too.

Novel Writing Services from Englishandliterature.com

Do you have a fresh idea that can be shaped into a novel? We have the strong team of ghost authors who are going to make it happen for you. And we are going to give our best shot. We are going to make your views objective, characters move in as they should be moving, and moreover, plan characteristic model to complete the novel in time.

Interesting Facts on Novel Writing Services from Englishandliterature.com

  • Listing the Dramatis Personae of the novel;
  • One on One Discussion with the client;
  • Creating rough draft of the First Chapter;
  • One on One Discussion of First Chapter with the client;
  • Re-editing of the First Chapter;
  • Start writing the subsequent chapters;
  • Final draft of the Novel is submitted to the client for his/her review.

It is the responsibility of the client to tell us his/her page requirements. We are going to complete the novel within the page counts as defined.  Pages can be adjusted later in the final stages of editing.

PS.: WE OFFER THREE LEVELS OF EDITING. The ultimate purpose is to keep creative ethics aligned and in order. Characters should behave in the manner they are expected of behaving.

Englishandliterature.com and our ghost authors have written novels on various genres, including Mysteries, Romance, Thrillers, Fiction, Fantasy, Drama and many more. We have separate writer for  each genre, and each one of them show exceptional caliber. At Englishandliterature.com, we follow streamlined as well as pre-arranged set of procedures to ensure logical flow of story line, and the characters play the roles assigned to them in a logical way.

Discuss the plot of your factual or fictional novel, and we are going to proceed forward from there. Our focus is always the plot, characterization and the story line. And more importantly, we are not going to back track. Remember, your purpose is our profession, and we make it sure that both of us are in unison.