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Logo Definition




The Logo consists of 13 triangles of variable colors and sizes, and each one of them is symbolic of a particular format used in English communication. There are three triangles in the black color, which forms the core structure of the complete logo. The remaining colored triangles hold significance to other key areas of English language protocols.

Here is the diversification of smallest compatible triangle units insidecropped-New-Logo-70-and-70.jpg the logo:

The 3-BLACK TRIANGLES show “Figures of Speech,” “Parts of Speech,” and “Phrases.”

The 2 – RED TRIANGLES signify “Semantic” and “Syntactic” structures within the framework  of the sentence.

The 2 – MAROON TRIANGLES connote to “Onomatopoeia” (uncountable nouns) and “Punctuation.”

The 2- BLUE TRIANGLES refer to “New World Vocabulary” and “New World Phraseology,” which is  continuously added into English language at different points of time.

The 2- LIGHT BLUE TRIANGLES reflect “Emotive” and “Denotative” meanings in a sentence.

The 2- LIGHT PURPLE TRIANGLES provide inkling to the “Cognitive Structure” and “Flow.”

The reason for choosing triangle as the building unit, instead of the block is that the triangle is a complete object, which symbolize: Harmony, Proportion, and the Integration, besides other virtues.

The Greek Reference

In the Greek Philosophy, “TRIANGLE,” means “DOORWAY,” and specifically called as “DELTA GLYPH.” The mélange of two extreme polarities paves the way towards whole new “DOORWAY,” and very often takes the individual to fresh realms of wisdom (referred in Greek as “The Hypotenuse.”)