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Literary Genre

Writing in English language is one of the most dicey and challenging tasks, taken up by modern day writers and the authors. There are at least 10 literary genres in English language, and there many more sub-genres. Taking control over the English language and balancing it with the protocols and thoughts requires efficiency and astute professionalism. Irrespective of the fact, author is experienced and qualified in handling the concepts of English language genre, the real factor is- “How efficiently it is done? How the interest is created?”

Not many of the highly qualified and experienced authors are taking up the responsibility of keeping the interest of reading audience alive and going. Not many of those qualified and well read authors are gifted with power of lateral thinking to present vague and abstract ideas coherently and simultaneously, such that freshness and vibrancy  sustains.

Englishandliterature.com is a revolutionary and innovative text and content design and development company, engaged in evolving and continuing the concepts. We are the group of people, engaged in Applied English. We have the expertise and the experience in creating text in various literary genres (Fiction as well as Non-Fiction) of English language. Englishandliterature.com provides wide range of literary genre services in:

  • Drama
  • (Narrative) Poem/song
  • Myth
  • Novel
  • Novella
  • Short story

Englishandliterature.com discusses with its clients on the plot and structure of the novel, novella, drama or any literary genre. It is only after repeated discussions with the client that characterization and/or Table of Content is prepared.  The literary work is then started, it gradually leads to conclusion. During the stage of designing and development, we are in constant touch with the client. We keep them informed, motivated and connected. It is essential in keeping the ideas flowing to and fro.

Discuss your ideas and concepts with our authors before starting with the project. Each genre has the meaning and coherence. The sense can only build up if there is continuous flow of the logic. Presentation of the story, no matter what form it takes, should have the never ending dynamism. The power of dynamism ultimately generates interest of readers.

A genre a diversified term of French descent, and it means – The KIND/The TYPE. Literary works have been classified and placed in a separate order, based on the set of particular genre. The classification of genre is done on the basis of several factors such as the writing style or the tone of writing,  the type of narrative used in the writing, the total length of literary work, the theme used such as history, romance or the war. Readers claim their association with different genres and it depends on their interest.

Written works that share a lot of the same characteristics are categorized in the same genre. This helps readers in understanding what really matters to them, and why should they go out for particular literary work. Englishandliterature.com has created literary works of immense value and creativity, and the clients have credited us. We strongly feel honored towards our clients, who constantly throw challenges on us.