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Why is it Important to have an Expressive Photograph included in your CV/ Résumé

Photograph in the CV and Resume

You should have an expressive photograph in your cv and resume. It is a MUST HAVE ENTITY. A Résumé or CV without a good photograph is like a speaking about something without PUNCH in it. Like in case of your Résumé or CV, it also goes with your photograph. No employer is interest to see your personal photograph. Nobody is interested in how good you look when you cuddle your pet. Moreover, employers will not give an eye to pictures clicked in shabby state. All that interests your employer is your outward personality, and when this personality goes well with the work profile described by you in the Résumé – a noticeable flint is created.

I agree to the Karl Marx’ “Theory of Commodification,” All of us are commodities and we are in the market to sell ourselves. How will a product be sold in the market, if its picture is not advertised or marketed? People want to look at the product (here Jobber is the product), which is being marketed by manufacturing company (here the employer is the company).

No Pictorial Expression creates Double Jeopardy

These days, employers, especially those from the international market, are searching for profiles that are expressive and go getters. International employers want good of all things, if not all, then the profile should have at least maximum number of properties. If you do not want to express yourself through picture (it is your wish) you are creating a double jeopardy. It is not about you being a “TOP RANK Physician” or GOLD MEDALIST Engineer.

There are thousands of you working in leading positions in global environment, and now you will be competition with them.  All your work and academic credentials are making an expression before the employer and he looks impressed. And suddenly a Résumé is thrown open before the employer, which has not only impressive credentials like you, but a professional outlook with an expressive face.  Your Résumé is kept aside or put on hold and the employer is quick enough to give the Résumé with photograph his or her first chance.

You go through the state of a Double Jeopardy – First, your work credentials are ignored and second the chance of landing in a good job is lost. A split-second decision made by the employer will make your career hang in balance.  You cannot do anything about it.

Include an expressive photograph of you in your Résumé or CV. If you have a dull and drab expression, try to take the help of professional photographer. Maybe he is going to get the real expressions out from within. It is not easy to get those professional expressions out on your face. Keep it in mind – your facial expression is the first obvious expression, which the prospective employer looks on to, and then take the decision to short list you for an interview call. And your work profile supports you too.

And may be you have forgotten the famous statement – What You See is What you Get!

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