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Humor Writing

A serious matter can be turned into humor and vice versa, but this exceptionally well bred creative par excellence is not gifted to all. Only the chosen few have been awarded this gift.  Humor writing is not about how good is your education or what all you have done or not, it is the INTELLIGENT PSYCHE that is working behind, similar to what is experienced by the mystery story writer. Exaggerations are not WELCOMING in the humors, and those who are making it the part of their writing, are doing nothing but pranking with their clients. And YOU THE CLIENTS, it is to your understanding how you are going to live up to this type of phenomenon.

Creating the humor is an art, and no art develops through the formalized education system. Humor is the art, which has been gifted to only few selected humans in this world. It develops through experience and intuitive learning.

Englishandliterature.com has those very gifted creative people who will create humors for your business, and give a completely different look ad engagement to it. We have successfully created different types of humors in disguise. Why, When, How, Who, Where and What…. these questions are logically developed keeping the element of humor in it. In a way, our humor writers paint the best picture for your business, while taking the ludicrous aspect into highlight.

Blending the descriptions, metaphors and similes together into one dialog will require expansion and suspension of disbelief. Only then the humorous flavor will extol and the lightness in moments automatically show-up. Use of words will not create any humor, because humor effect is created through the expression of right moments, and placing into effect the UNITY OF TIME AND UNITY OF SPACE.

And perfect use of character and associated themes should also synchronize with business concepts of the clients. Moreover, characters used in commenting those comical situations give the effect while creating humor, and that’s where the experience of our humor writers is explicitly seen.

The humor writers at Englishandliterature.com have worked out smart strategies to place the metaphors and similes, familiarizing the end users with something extraordinary and more sophisticated. The way we use metaphors and similes in creating humor is far exciting, creative and offbeat, and that’s where our humor writers makes whole lot of difference, maintaining complete balance in the tone.

Satire and irony bring the elemental and momentous difference to the humor. We do not want to explain you HOW AND WHY of Satire or Irony, but we want to exemplify in simple way- We are here to help you provide a creative dichotomy to your business, which not many of the competitors in your trade might even have thought about.

Irony is the use of words to express the opposite of their literal meaning. Satire is the use of irony or wit to attack something. Be careful with satire and irony; a writer can easily miss his mark, leaving the reader confused.

We are not WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, and neither are we any MILTON. If you think that Shakespeare and Milton did not create humors, it is your problem. Probably, you need to go back to school again my dear child.  Now the question – Who we are? We make a whopping and scintillating difference to your business by creating humors.