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Email Procedures

Writing Emails for the business is 180 Degrees different than writing chat Emails to your cronies.  The Emails written for corporate or professional works, have formalized appeal, and short. Purpose has to be clearly understood and communicated in a crisp manner to the third party, when writing an Email. Any leeway or miscommunication here or there, can lead to huge chaos, and LOSS OF BUSINESS is quite an obvious thing.

Emails are polite, but not ALWAYS. Situation analysis is required before any Email is written. The purpose of writing an Email should be clearly understood in a wider perspective. Emails in the corporate world are not defined or written without a purpose. If you are drafting your Email as the Manager and addressing it to the CEO of another company, you need to show your purpose and politeness. Maintain the decency and try to stick to this FORMULA. Even in situations where the OPPOSITE PARTY is trying to accuse you or not responding to your Emails, your still need to show an explicit POLITENESS rather than BRUSHING UP THE DAISIES.

Of course there can be number of reasons for the individual to NOT RESPOND. One of them is NON AVAILABILITY. Another sound reasoning OF NOT RESPONDING TO YOUR EMAIL could be the INVOLVEMENT IN important organizational tasks, such as Conferences, Meetings, or Working on some kind of incentivizing programs.

What makes the Emails appealing, sensible and logical? Close analysis of Email scripts gives the clear picture out on the ways and manners used while drafting an email. In many cases the understanding and purpose of writing an Email is not clear, despite the fact 100 words have already occupied the space. Emails DIE THEIR OWN DEATH, and the DEATH VERDICT is ANNOUNCED BY THE E mail Creator Himself or Herself.

In my role as the writer, I have created at least 100s OF Emails for the big, small companies. I have corrected  THOUSANDS more. It gives me FUN Feeling when I edit somebody’s Email who is HIGHLY QUALIFIED. The Fun feeling just DOUBLES UP, when somebody asks “What is wrong with the Email?”

We Learn All Our Lives, and only the GOOD and LOGICAL Content gives the real boost.

What is missing in the Email Content?

Each Email is different from every other Email. It clearly reveals: The Character of Each Email is Different, or has to be Different in TRUE SENSE. Here are the few points that miss out:

  • The APRIORI or the Cause Effect Relationship;
  • Expressions of Perception;
  • Absence of Coherence;
  • Confusion in Ideation;
  • Abrupt Endings.

All these MISS POINTS can be corrected only and only if the “EDUCATED LOT” has feeling of the language and  the intent.

Training Sessions on the Corporate and Personal Emails

Englishandliterature.com is the leading text and content solutions company offering services in Email Writing. We also engage ourselves on learning and education, wherein practical training sessions and classroom classes are organized on “How to Draft the Emails?”

The “BEAUTY OF EMAILS” lies in its content, and if it is missing out, obviously the whole communication becomes too much MESSY.