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E Book Writing

eBooks are instructive, and provide comprehensive knowledge on a particular subject… which is the reason why these types of specialized electronic books need to be written by SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS. Writers have the say to make the language expressive. But, the whole idea is again: Development of the logic and presenting it in a simplified way, such that people have the understanding.

Fresh and coherent ideas should correlate with the Subject Matter. Content should not be oblivious. The length of an eBook also matters quite a lot. It is significant that the presentation of content within an eBook should justify ideology of the subject, and balanced by logic. If the subject ideology is not balanced by logical concepts, situations, belief of the readers will remain suspended, and eBook will NOT SELL.

eBooks are the most recent and the advanced publishing formats, which have taken everyone by amazement. However, these books are just not making the businesses run. The answer is VERY SIMPLE – eBooks LACK THE SENSE and the SENSIBILITY. These are written by CONTENT WRITERS and not by Subject Matter Experts.

The reason why most of those SNAZZY eBooks fall flat and do not gather impressive responsive and good feedback from the readers is that people writing eBooks are not the experts. Many of them haven’t even heard of subject; leave aside the whole idea of formulating eBook. It feels Ironical back somewhere in your mind, when you come to know that some crap is going to come, and you will be reading that crap besides spending $$$ from your pocket to get that eBook written and designed from OUTRAGEOUSLY INEXPERIENCED DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY or CONTENT WRITING COMPANY.

eBooks are not any J K Rowling fanciful dramas, but these are realistic products, based on comprehensive research. Therefore, having an eBook with 35 to 75 pages will never solve the purpose of your business. eBooks with pages from 100 to 150 have a good SAY AND THE SELL, provided those pages have logical and relevant content. Analytical reasoning should also come up within the content.

Englishandliterature.com has Created Finest eBook Titles

Englishandliterature.com has experience in writing text and designing the content in variable formats. We are among the VERY FEW and the VERY FIRST eBook writers living up to the traditions of eBook writings. We have delivered over 5000 eBook titles to small and medium sized companies. Our eBook writers are special for the reason that they are NOT JUST THE WRITERS, but SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS.

We do not feel happy to create 30 to 40 page eBook and get laid back on the couches and start self-eulogizing and self- praising.  An eBook is a mildly comprehensive analysis of the title, and this title can hold reference to any subject- Arts and Crafts, Scientific Fictions, Commerce, Travel, Tourism etc.

Englishandliterature.com has qualified subject matter experts. Our clients have not only enjoyed reading eBooks, but have also sent us their honest reviews. Each time an eBook Title comes up for writing, we do the analysis and create glossary. It is forwarded to the client. The approval comes in 2-3 working days and our eBook writers start the action.

After the first chapter is written and completed, eBook goes for client’s review. Any editing required is done and the process is carried forward. We have kept the process simple, because we understand the eBook industry and e publishing industry.