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Drama is an exceptional and one of the oldest of expressive art forms used to tantalize the human feelings. The script is written in the manner such that it projects life, settings of the people living in those times and the action is explicitly through HUMAN CHARACTERS, each one playing his or her own role.

Drama is also considered to be the most impressive art forms, which shows cultures, and rituals prevalent in particular society, practised as the means of fundamental human activity. This activity needs quite a high level of motivation, thinking, emotions and commotions – all of it synchronized beautifully keeping the concept of ratiocination aligned. Drama can never be a PERSONAL STATEMENT OF THE DRAMATIST /PLAYWRIGHTER. In this manner, it is different from NOVEL, OR A POEM, though there are several NOVELS AND POEMS, which are written in an impersonal tone.

Drama also has a peculiar literature just as the POEMS and the NOVELS. There is always the diversity in it. Whether it is famous Kabuki plays of Japan, Historical Dramas of India, expressive Coterie Comedies of the Restoration in England, Puppet Drama of Javanese origin or Modern Social Dramas written by American dramatist Arthur Miller – these have dramatic literature, which entices our imagination to the extremes.

Drama can be defined as distinctive skill, which needs balance of objectivity, subjectivity expressed through thoughtful actions of its characters. The language used by drama writer should be expressive, versatile and embellished in realism.

Englishandliterature.com and the Art of Playwrighting

Englishandliterature.com is where creativity, innovation and above all THE ART is described, created and objectified. We have experienced playwrighters, who indulge into different aspects of drama and bring up a marvelous portrayal. For this purpose, we hold several meetings (on Skype as well as personally), before starting the project.

Our drama writers stage the drama behind the scene and give a logical flow to the whole plot, while keeping interest of readers glued to it.  The drama writers at Englishandliterature.com have the expertise in:

  • Using Imagination and Diversified Theatrical Devices such as innuendos, metaphors etc.;
  • Gifted with the power of creative par excellence and subtle expression;
  • Correlation and analysis of decision making and problem solving;
  • Plot and character development;
  • Understanding the psychology of characters, the way they think, behave and interpret in different set of situations and scenarios.

Our playwrighters are endowed with artistic taste and intellect to comprehend English Drama and present an effective symbolic dialogs, monologs and soliloquies in the manner that characters speak of their actions, while keeping “SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF” aside.

The Drama writers at Englishandliterature.com show the performance of real and imagined events and role playing, besides presenting the ideas, dialogs, monologs through innuendos in a systematic way. We can be colloquial in our expression, interspersed with tint of formalism, and idealism. Our expression and tone is perfectly aligned and committed.

Want to get the Drama Written? You can talk with our expert and intellectual Playwright. You will have the feel of HIM and the nature of HIS work.