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English&Literature, and/or English and Literature and/or englishandliterature.com is offering ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING AND CONTENT DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS to wide range of businesses from different spectrums across the globe.

The purpose behind building and maintaining this website is a sheer VOLUNTEER effort, which has purely didactic means and purpose in nature, which will be useful to prospective learners and to the end users.

The information provided on each of the page is didactic, and provides the basis to guide and help individuals to meet their purpose of learning ENGLISH LANGUAGE and bring into effect the development. The CLIETS or END USERS, who willfully use this website, will naturally adhere to the given disclaimer and furthermore, its use of this website constitutes an acceptance of this disclaimer. SHOULD YOU FAIL TOADHERE TO ALL WRITTEN NORMS AND DISCLAIMERS, YOU ARE WARNED NOT TO USE THIS WEBSITE.

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