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Caption Writing

Captions say the meaning of the content going with the image or a caricature. These are one of the most sophisticated pieces of lines that would beautifully describe, and tell a layman reader what the general body text is all about. What is precise difference between “THE TITLE AND THE CAPTION?”

Caption is a brief description of the action taking place in the picture or caricature. Title gives the introduction on what will follow.  Captain relates to Pictorial Content, whereas, the Title more largely relates to Textual content. The whole idea out there is about briefing.

Captions should bring together the generic body of the content in place. If absolutely necessary extend the caption to second line, otherwise keep it within SINGLE LINE. You need to be mindful out here that tone of generic content is poles apart than the tone of the content written for the caption. A good and this means “CATCHY”  caption can only come up if the writer has good grasp of the subject. Besides good grasp, the writer should have intellect working to bring out crisp and clear idea of subject.

Englishandliterature.com offers you its impeccable Caption Writing Services

Why we call our Caption Writing services as impeccable? There are reasons behind it!

  • Your captions are written by experienced caption writers and this itself says places several things in order. We will not say that any writer would write your caption. Because Nobody UNDERSTANDS THE ART OF WRITING CAPTIONS IN AN ASTUTELY SANE MANNER AS WE DO!
  • Simple and logically flow is evident
  • Descriptive in content and relative to the subject

If you think that we are taking “ARTICLE TITLES” as the “CAPTIONS” definitely you are skewed. If you are thinking that Shibboleth is the Caption, probably, you need to backtrack 100 miles.

Englishandliterature.com has been dealing with all types of big and little things associated with the caption writing. We will not write your captions by being provocative or judgmental or go for an extremely facetious language. It is not going to solve our purpose and DEFINITELY NOT THE PURPOSE OF YOUR BUSINESS.


If you thought that any average writer would bring out a great looking caption from a 500 or 1000 words content material, then you are mistaken somewhere. And more importantly, you have to be sure that content writers will not make the caption for you. Caption Writers are created out of SUPER INTELLECT. They are gifted with the power of lateral and intuitive thinking. IF IT TAKES 5 to 7 years to become the content writer, IT WOULD TAKE more than 15 years to become a CAPTION WRITER.

At Englishandliterature.com, we have distinctive clan of  writers who are going to make the CAPTION for the written content, and this is going to bring out huge change. We continue to maintain the tradition of CAPTION WRITING. The captions written by our Caption Writers are 100 times more attractive and TO-THE-POINT than the usual TITLES, given to the content.