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Businesses are Losing to Jargon Keyphrases: Who are the Blame Agents

Dark Businesses and Jargon Keyphrases

Have you ever come across phrases like: Travel in Kalifornia, bad credit history no credit check loans, adventure tourism spots Brussels, Taj Mahal, Agra, Japan Earthquakes? From the protocols of English language, these key phrases are misnomers, which stand no way towards building the reputation of any business. However, from the internet and search engine protocols, which give weight to loosely syntaxed keyphrases, these jargon keyphrases when used within the content provide high probability in search results. This notion may seem correct in the minds of “LANGUAGE ILLITERATES” who have little or no idea on how the protocols of English language behave.

I do not have to reiterate that English as a language, has its own set of protocols, which are stored within the structures of grammar. Any deviation from these laid down protocols, means severe blow to general understanding, and this understanding severely affects COMMON SENSE. In all these years, individuals who learnt English in their grammar schools, had faint idea, that one day they will have to face “LANGUAGE ILLITERATES.”

The purpose that any jargon key phrase holds is limited, when it comes to ideating on the concepts of words and semantic understanding.

The Blaming Agents

There is no single entity to blame in these erroneous acts. But, there are a few self-styled professionals, who need to bear all the brunt of catastrophe.

Business Owner + SEO    – This is the vicious group, which is the harbinger of most events, which lead to the obliteration in the business.  The choice of jargon keyphrases, and their use within the content, and all other crap is always a smart handiwork of this group.

You may have stuck back for a moment… Why I haven’t listed writers in the blaming agent? I have a valid reason in doing it. Writers have the duty of writing on the basis of instructions received from the SEO team. It is like saying – Soldiers can only win the war, if strategies are made in the right way.

Businesses stall because of the wrong decisions made by “ILLITERATES” who are also steering it. Wrong use of key phrases, including awfully excessive jargon in a researched article leaves no scope of growth, except that the business is doomed to fall upright down, and a complete shutdown. Lady Luck is not going to play any role. If you made the decision of selecting the jargon keywords, you become the blame agent.

One of the many reasons, why internet based businesses fall is because they are creating or rather introducing mass of errors into the written communication. New key phrases, with “NO MEANING” at all, have come to play the role model. This is devastating. Internet nerds, who are otherwise busy in building global audience for the purpose of earning money, have failed to realize that they are playing fast and loose with powerful language – English.

Improper use of English language within the realm of business will not make any positive difference. This is only going to increase the improbability, and when the improbability rises, mass audience, for whom any product or service was really created, serves no purpose at all.

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