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White Hat Paper Propagation

You Don’t Need to be EXTRA-ORDINARY SMART with White Paper Propagation

Having a complete and well-designed white paper will not mean that you have done your job. It is in fact the first stage of developing personal and detailed information, which is going to lead your business on the success path. A perfect fighter will always has his or her tools ready, […]

Internet Marketing Strategy

Practical Internet Marketing Strategies Work; Deception is the Killer

Internet Marketing is not a composition of TWO STANDARD WORDS, put together just to create “SOMETHING” out of nowhere. Marketing on the Internet comprises set of strategies, which are global in their character, and objective too. Companies use “TOOLS,” as the part of their STRATEGIES to market themselves.  In fact, this is […]

White Hat Tricks New

“WHITE HAT” and “BLACK HAT” looks Appealing and Boorish from Country’s Perspective

What’s in the name; it is the workable and actionable strategies that will create all the difference. “WHITE HAT” and “BLACK HAT” marketing work in parallel, and used by INTERNET MARKETERS for the good of  Client’s Business . “BLACK HAT” applied in one area, becomes the “WHITE HAT” in another. If “BLACK […]

NO writing Job

Do You Write in English? But, Are you THE WRITER in TRUE SENSE?

In the fast expanding and rapidly growing world of internet technology, “Writing in English,” is the passion for few, FULL-TIME/FREE-LANCING job for some, and for many, it becomes a glamorized profession. It is true that “Writing in English,” has much of glamor and excitement attached, but this wasn’t the case in […]

Image Branding

How to Make Your Posts Sensual, Appealing and Readable

Search engines have their mandate clear with respect to the online marketing and also with everything else that goes out on the web space. These engines want the online marketers to do, what is on the mandate. But, even with the mandate, you have to be sure about your routine […]


Content Expression, Appearance and Curation Matters in the Internet Marketing

Boredom has struck the Internet, and it is again the SAME OLD statement “CONTENT IS THE KING.” Who has ever gone beyond, or even tried of going beyond this statement? Not many, and even those, who tried, were struck by the thought – “How the KING is controlled?” Content Expression, Content Appearance […]

English Language Dictionary

If English Wasn’t There, the World Would’ve Been a Disconnected Place

Internet or even in general life experiences, English is the means of communication. It serves as the connecting world between the countries and continents. People across the world are using English in some or the other form, for the business and private purposes. Whether it is the international NEWS broadcast […]

Thomas Kyd

Thomas Kyd as the Father of English Revenge Tragedy

Revenge tragedy is the form of drama, where prime motive is revenge, and several times, this objective is filled through poetic justice. Most revenge tragedies have the appearance of malevolency, with a scene of blood-shed, slaughter etc., which disposes the avenger and its list of victims. This form of drama […]

James Joyce Novel Ulysses

Is the Longest English Sentence from Ulysses?

The claim for longest printed sentences of English Language has always appeared, and the trend will continue. There are no standards or any limit set by any English society or Church orthodoxy on the length of sentence. The sentence in English language or in any other language for that matter […]

P 45 The Longest Written Word

P45 is the Longest English Word of the Century, Included and Published in Dictionary

Phonetic Analysis: njuːmənoʊˌʌltrəˌmaɪkrəˈskɒpɪkˌsɪlɪkoʊvɒlˌkeɪnoʊˌkoʊniˈoʊsᵻs Pneu+mo+ no+ultra+mi+cro+sco+pic+sili+co+vol+cano+co+nio+sis It is a pentakaideca syllabic word formed by joining the 45 letters. The fact is this LONGEST EXISTING; AND RARELY USED WORD is not work of IMAGINATION. It is the dreadful lung disease, which has struck globally. People, who are living in close vicinity of […]