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Humor on SEO

Humor on the SEO Industry

Humor#1 Did you gotcha “bunch of roses”? It’s our anniversary. Ohhhshhhh… I had a high ranking for the key phrase on Google. Irrrrrkkkk… “Anniversary” didn’t come up in the top search results! Humor#2 I’m thinking of building a search engine. I’ve taken a pledge this New Year. Wow, that’s kewl […]

World of Internet Writing

10 Precautions to Heed to, When Writing for the Web

Internet brought a quick way of learning, and it also dished out an offbeat source of earning, especially for the new age internet based writers. Many new young writers began to emerge, and their religion was to earn by writing for the internet. You could come across a blog written […]


Wole Soyinka – Named and Famed Nobel Laureate from Nigeria with an Unflinching Title of Poetic Dramatist

Very few people on this materialistic earth (especially where heightened glory is given to science and technology research, and of course internet too) are respected for arts and literature, and Wole Soyinka and Christropher Fry belong to the undisputed clan of most recent and the sprightliest of all the twentieth […]

Dark Businesses and Jargon Keyphrases

Businesses are Losing to Jargon Keyphrases: Who are the Blame Agents

Have you ever come across phrases like: Travel in Kalifornia, bad credit history no credit check loans, adventure tourism spots Brussels, Taj Mahal, Agra, Japan Earthquakes? From the protocols of English language, these key phrases are misnomers, which stand no way towards building the reputation of any business. However, from […]

Unfuckwithable Traits

11 Traits that Make You Unfuckwithable Forever

Human beings have been one of the most sagacious species, which continue to inhabit the Earth. Each member within the species vie for space, power and the authority, which will help them to create their hegemony. In other words, each individual wants to become a truly unfuckwithable entity. But, what […]

Setting the page on fire with some hard work

Why is Content Cramming Not a Recommended White Hat Strategy?

Want to piece up lot of information at one place, thinking it is going to give your web businesses a potential ranking? You are going wrong Mr. KNOWALL digital marketer. Providing all important piece of information in one leg on the limited space is like vouching for uncertain glory. This […]

Unfuckwithable Etymology

“Unfuckwithable”- Etymology and Development behind 21st Century’s Popularly Growing Word

The origin of word occurred as result of dramatic play game in a dimly lit language research laboratory, when the desire to bring up a whole new word, took the turn. There were several cryptic thoughts, which began to show up – what attractive and internet friendly name could be […]

Hugeous, Bulky, Gargantuan

“Hugeous” is The Word that Experienced ZERO-POPULARITY and Wider Ignorance in Our Living Times

Lexicons have billions of words typed on the pages, and many of them go unnoticed. “Hugeous” is the word, which is classic example of wider ignorance. The word has lived in a total isolation, away from many etymologists and literary thespians. This word has been unearthed and written in exemplary […]

William Shakespeare - Tribute to Great Bard

The Bard Who Lived beyond Times, Institutions, Technologies, Arts, Finances and Scientology

William Shakespeare – England’s national poet, and the “Bard of Avon,” was an English poet, an acclaimed natural actor and an outstanding playwright.  The bard was a respected man and known for his unique dramatic arts and style. His intellect as the playwright was not recognized, until the 19th century. […]

Explicitly Sensual Places to Visit in India

5 Favorite Historical Destination Spots to Enhance Your Knowledge on Spiritual Love Making in India

India is seen as a popular destination for people from several parts of the world for being mystical and replete with rituals and cultural diversity. This multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-ritual land is also the center of spiritual and erotic love making. Kamasutra – the epic of spiritual love making, originated […]