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About Me


15 global years of Experience

 English Content and voice communication has risen to prominence and variation is an integral part of this prominence. True to our belief – we are lucky to live through the years of English domination, and see new things up on the scene. Whether it is the start-up, or a fully functional company, clearly understandable and effective communication in English language is the Adrenalin that drives everything.

I don’t find a single day when my mobile phone doesn’t buzz with a message saying – “We want website content, or bulk articles or blogs or video content and lot of verse and prose in between” I don’t see anything wrong in it, because content is their need, and MY RESPONSIBILITY is to fulfill that NEED. And it is the big reason why I am in this  serious business, which is somehow thought by many HOBBYISTS as “GLAMORIZED!”

But, take my words – you will not enjoy the company of wenches in this business, like you’d enjoyed while acting or organizing fashion shows. Book Authoring or Writing – you will always be miles away from the stardom! 

Who am I?

“Don’t makejaggi any awkward guess out rightly here! I am neither from the clan of Shakespeare or Milton, and nor Anton Chekov.”  I have studied them and their writing style more closely. Much more, I have felt the times they have lived in. Literature to me is the God’s own Gospel… a highly technical Gospel, which is ironically classified in Humanities in varsities. Frankly, it never made any sense to me!

Hi! I am Arunjeet (this is my Nom de Plume), an Authorpreneur, a Ghost Author, and good part of my life had been spent writing Content (Humor, Technical, Travel, Novels, Product Descriptions, Ad Sense, Affiliate etc.)  “The Tryst with Content” began during the days of my post-graduation. It was a marvelous experience. I still remember the days of the first writing assignment… “I had bulk writing work …500 Summary Pieces. This turned out to be a great residual income resource for me. I chuckled when I earned US$ 700 in two months.”

Let me tell you Google wasn’t throwing impressive search results in those BAD DAYS.

{Only in the last decade, there has been the trend set in content writing, especially since Google and other search engines have matured and come of age, and the content writers and developers are enjoying writing on sundry themes.}

Writing summaries on products and studying Shakespeare, Milton and analyzing literary classics happened on similar planes- I was busy in the “LOVING TO HEART” classics. I spent nights on my desk writing incessantly, and there was a HAMLET on my laps, and this used to be the living style for many years. You call it my love for English Literature! 

Again, the mornings were in the college class room sitting at the back bench, sitting straight and attentive, and rarely yawning. I was found in the back-bench rows for most part of my school and college life… The best stories are written by the back bench guys!

Back then, I didn’t have pen drives and net connection too was of slow bandwidth. I remember the days spent writing the content and then saving it on CD, and traveling back to college next morning for emailing it. Social Media was practically nonexistent; Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media. Orkut too, was bit late arrival on the social scene. iPhone was a murkier name, and Steve Jobs hadn’t yet re-sounded on the ear drums. I’m speaking of the days when the technology transmigration had just started in third world countries. TECHNOLOGY FREAKS ( speaking of College Lads) had funky Motorola and NOKIA handsets. But, websites were not common place. CONTENT wasn’t heard, of course it existed as TEXT and most writing tasks were accomplished by the family of Journos, Copywriters and Research Scholars. 

Guess, how it would feel, if you had to create the content for websites on HTML 2? Guys from the Hi-Tech WordPress Days of now will surely GIGGLE!

Ever since the NEW TECHNOLOGY AGE KNOCKED; there was whole gargantuan of NEW AGE Writers (MORE APPROPRIATELY CALLED AS RE-PHRASERS AND RE-WRITERS). It was interesting change, but seriousness of thought in writing just went haywire. These days many writings done on the web are NOT FOR THE HUMANS ANYMORE, but the BOTS. Writing in the HI-TECH INTERNET AGE lost its seriousness, because it was the means of earning residual incomes for College Lads and Homemakers.

I would like to handover at least a BRASS TROPHY to handiwork of  Internet Marketing and Web Development Companies, operating from some off beat places, and I still have the faint adumbration – the best ones were the “HOME RUNNERS.”  GOLD TROPHY is reserved for original writers and subject experts.

Likely or unlikely,  for serious AUTHORS and WRITERS, writing on set of given KEYWORDS was just order to be followed.

After all these years of writing in English under the shield of “GHOST AUTHOR,” on different genres, and catering to the needs of wide range of big and small businesses, I am here to offer businesses and individuals, a comprehensive content and communication solutions. Life hasn’t been easy in these years, and I say it particularly in relation to professional writings. Creating sales page content or a dialog, or a soliloquy, or a love drama or the usual stereotyped web content or articles or blogging – I did it all with enthusiasm and spirit.

I enjoyed good feedbacks and there were bad ones too. I respect bad feedbacks, because they helped me to understand my weaknesses. I have them now to, and these make me strong than stronger than most other writers out there in the writing industry.

“I have already spent plenty of time studying the change in ‘Langue’ and ‘Parole’.” It has helped me to understand the change as much as I have become absolutely thoughtful of change agents within English language.”


I specialize in American Literature and Phonetics. I spend hours on self-learning. I feel each day brings new challenge, and with web growing and overgrowing, the challenge is gruesome.

I accept that challenge and continue to bring the refinement till I remain in this industry.

Arunjeet Jaggi