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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Final Image


Privacy Policy - Final Image                                                                                                 New Logo 70 and 70

English and Literature (Business Identification Title) or EnglishandLiterature.com (registered Domain Name) is offering online and offline content and English Language Communication Training and consultancy from its New Delhi office. Our focus is on the maintaining the quality as well as service level standards, and ensure impressively huge ROIs to prospective clients and their businesses.

The company follows stringent norms, and maintains the privacy policy standards. We have strong commitment towards keeping the privacy and our elaborated policy has clearly defined the terms and conditions within it. These include:

  • The client information (Personal and Professional) will not be divulged to any third party resources under any circumstance;

  • Notification about new services will be emailed to website users from time to time and keeping in with the pre-defined business policies;

  • If it is found that any business is using Business Identification Title or Domain Name a warning notice will be issued. If no formal written response is received in our inbox, a legal notice will be sent;

  • All logos, content and graphics displayed on the website is the property of English and Literature and/or com. Misrepresentation or duplication of logos, content and graphics in full or in part is against the legal and moral ethics, and a written notice on this matter will be issued and subsequently legal action will be formulated under the Indian judicial system;

  • All proprietary information of our clients will be secured. We do not divulge any piece of information to third party resources;

  • It is our sole discretion to change or modify the privacy policy in keeping with the business norms as well as standards. No third party views shall be entertained on this matter;

  • You are warned from referring or using the website or any of its content for either business or personal means and purposes. If anyone is found indulging into such unscrupulous activities, a legal notice will be issued. Court ruling can also be undertaken if logical explanation does not go with the act;

    All ebooks, novels, novellas, drama and short stories and their titles as well as the content material is copyright of individual and published authors. It is therefore forewarned that no reproduction or faking of the products should be encouraged. Should it happen, a strict legal action will be taken and the concerned individual/company/firm will be asked to pay the compensation in cash.                                        


                                                                                                                                            Privacy Policy Documentation
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